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Too many marketers use bounce rate as a signal of success or failure without understanding what it actually means. This guide covers all you need to know and more about bounce rate in Google Analytics.

  • AO

    Aaron Orendorff

    10 months ago #

    Holy crap … I saw this headline and thought, "What?!?! I know what that is." I stand UTTERLY corrected. This deserves to rule Google for that keyword. Really well done!

    • GS

      Gaurav Sharma

      9 months ago #

      Same thing happens with me Aaron :) and I agree with you its quite an eye catching headline which will force the viewer to click the link. Thanks for sharing it away Alex and I like the article.

      Google Analytics is the main platform for measuring site traffic, and more than half of all sites (54.1%) Use, accounting for 83.5% of the flow analysis tool market.

      The basic function is quite simple to understand. But once you dive deeper, things get a little blurry.

      The data sometimes create misconceptions which confuse the marketers.

  • PH

    Pradyut Hande

    9 months ago #

    The bottomline lies in tracking various on-page events. Valid point though - bounce rate can be a misleading metric. Those numbers can actually through your web development and promotion efforts off track, for you may end up making needless iterations that aren't truly reflective of impact on visitors.

  • AG

    Ashley Greene

    9 months ago #

    Super helpful. I sometimes forget how much context can matter when pulling a GA report quickly.

  • AJ

    Anderson Juvo

    9 months ago #

    Great article. I enjoyed reading it.

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