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“Artificial intelligence” is a constant topic of conversation, today. Marketers know they need to know about it. They know they should plan for it. But over and over again, we see examples of marketing leaders who don’t understand artificial intelligence. Who don’t understand how to plan for it. In this post, the WiderFunnel team tackles AI. Our goal is to help you: - Understand the capabilities and limitations of artificial intelligence, right now, - Understand how you should evaluate and incorporate AI into your organization, and - Understand how to plan for the future of artificial intelligence Onward!

  • YV

    Yash Vardhan

    about 3 years ago #

    I used to work at Boomtrain, in the early part of 2017 and it helped me realized how AI is transforming marketing and sales. Especially the aspect with dynamic content. You could fetch dynamic content and recommend it on the fly depending a user's interaction with your app or website. This leads to insane jump in conversions and user interaction.

    AI for sure is the future when it comes to Marketing for eCommerce and other online business.

    • NW

      Natasha Wahid

      about 3 years ago #

      I agree Yash! I think the tough thing for marketers and business leaders is figuring out how to evaluate AI tech / tools right now, and also plan for the future of AI: Lay a solid data foundation, so to speak. Thanks for your thoughts!