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Fitness applications are gaining traction as more and more brands invest in mobile and web development. Creating a fitness app gives your business a powerful competitive edge.

If you are in doubts to create a fitness app or not, then think no more.

Last year health and fitness apps were in the 8th place among the most popular apps in the Apple App Store with 3.01% of the market share (Statista Survey, 2018)

Health and fitness apps were in 11th place with 2.94% of the market share in Google Play (Statista Survey, 2018)

It is expected that the global fitness app market size will reach over $14.7 billion by 2026 (Polaris Market Research, 2018)

According to health and fitness app statistics, users are loyal to their favorite apps. About 96% use only one fitness app. More than 75% of active users open their apps at least two times a week. Also, 25% of users open health or fitness apps more than 10 times a week (Flurry Analytics Survey, 2017).

Here you will understand what types of fitness apps exist and what features you can add. You will also learn about the cost to create a fitness app.