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There are many ways to build a successful SaaS business, and Tomasz Tunguz has analyzed most of them. Tunguz is a Partner at Redpoint Ventures and writes an incredibly successful data-focused blog, www.tomtunguz.com — a must-read for anyone in SaaS startups. He is best known for in-depth S-1 posts, which delve into the specific sales, marketing, and finance metrics for the most successful SaaS companies that IPO. Tunguz explained that he believes it’s important to benchmark this data for startups, so others can learn from how one company succeeded. “All exceptional businesses are going to look a little different,” he explained. “But it’s useful to see how other people built a business through a numbers lense. The data serves as interesting benchmarks. They show what’s possible — and what can be beaten.” In the latest episode of Million Dollar Insights, Tunguz explains how SaaS startups can use this data to inform their own businesses, and scale more quickly.

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