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In 2009, Andy Fallshaw and a few friends crowded around a kitchen table in Bells Beach, Australia to design a wallet.

Through no fault of its own, wallets had become, for want of a better term, broken. With the rise of slim tailoring in the early 2000s, they had become unsightly; “massive hunks of leather that bulged uncontrollably from pockets,” to quote Fallshaw.

A year later, the release of his product signaled the birth of Bellroy: a company that helps people carry their everyday items with greater simplicity and ease.

Bridging the gap between style and functionality, Bellroy has carved out its own niche in the fashion industry, earning its rightful name as an e-commerce innovator which offers “the best men’s wallets you can buy.”

We recently spent a month reverse-engineering Bellroy’s marketing strategy. And today, We’ll share 7 unconventional strategies you can use to get more traffic and higher conversions for your online store. (Strategy#4 is our favorite.)