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Know the science behind creating a perfect email marketing strategy. Get started with data-driven email marketing and supercharge conversions from the first email sent.

What is inside the guide?

1. The lifecycle of an Email Marketing Campaign Who, What, When, How, Why – A step by step process to create personalized email marketing campaigns for your audience that are opened, read and clicked.

2. Real Email Marketing Metrics to Map It doesn’t stop at Open and Click Rates – Understanding the real metrics that email marketers should map to get an oversight of success of a campaign. Find the checklist inside.

3. Strategy to Move Leads Down the Funnel- Converting users through emails is an art which we turned into science for you to implement. Here is a tested strategy along with the results that we got!

4. Email Marketing and Marketing Automation- Yes, email marketing is now leveraging the power of machine learning to create impactful and coherent content to maximize conversions.

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