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"Hey Stefan. You should start a business for a niche market." That's what lots of gurus say, right? However, the story about how we bootstrapped our startup tells me that this is NOT always the right approach to grow. LeadsBridge was born as a side job with my friend Alex, and now the company employs 25 talents. At first, we wanted to solve a very specific pain point of our customers: the missing connection between Facebook Lead Ads and CRMs. That's how LeadsBridge was born. I had been reading about many marketers and entrepreneurs online endorsing the following: “Be specific!” — they said — or you won’t make it. But what about the downsides of targeting a niche market? Not many people talk about them, and we have found several in our own experience. So that's the story of how we escaped the niche to keep our big dreams alive.

  • JB

    Joseph Bentzel

    about 2 years ago #

    Super read. Very important point. Made this same point 11 years ago in my book. The worse aspect of this is when VCs try to keep you in the "niche" or an a priori vertical, rather than driving a new category play. Thanks.