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Blog commenting can be an effective marketing strategy. But far too many people just leave "graffiti" all over other people’s blogs. You know the "Nice post" and "This is very useful content" comments I'm talking about. This is a guide on how to be an effective blog commenter.

  • LS

    Lisa Sicard

    8 months ago #

    David, I love this one! So many don't take the time to read the post or even scan it before they comment.

  • PV

    Philip Verghese Ariel

    8 months ago #

    Hi David,
    As you know I am a blog comment author since from the beginning of my blogging journey I can very well relate to most of the points you brought in.
    Some visits high ranking sites just to get a back link, as they do not even read the first paragraph and drop a one word or one line comment and go.
    I do not encourage this types of comments on my websites. This I specifically mention with all my published posts.
    Very serious thoughts you shared.
    Keep sharing.

  • GG

    Gail Gardner

    7 months ago #

    You know what spammers are? Thieves! They steal our most valuable asset: our time. What is worse than spammers is the clueless people who keep hiring them. Imagine what we could collectively do with all the time they've stolen from us. Improve the world: don't spam and don't hire spammers!