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This is one of the best (recent) SEO playbooks I've seen. Bernard has done work for companies like Optimizely, 42Floors, TeeSpring and many more. There's no pitch in here, just awesome free content largely about how to craft content that actually ranks for your target keywords.

  • BH

    Bernard Huang

    20 days ago #

    Thanks for sharing Dom! Happy to answer any questions or comments here :)

    • MS

      Mark Schields

      20 days ago #

      This is the single best piece of content I've ever read on how to build SEO-targeted content. Hat's off Bernard

    • EC

      Emanuel Cervantes Espinosa

      19 days ago #

      Much of this seems to apply to companies who already have a significant digital footprint. What would you suggest for a new site with <20 pages and a relatively low google rank?

  • FE

    Frida Eriksen

    20 days ago #

    Excellent piece on how to build great, SEO-ranking content from the wizard himself.

  • BA

    Bhavya Aggarwal

    8 days ago #

    SEO is a so important for B2B marketers, and this guide just nails it. Love the effort that you put in researching, organizing and categorizing the keywords. Helps keep the focus. That is something that I have been lazy with. Definitely going to work on the tips shared in this article. Thanks for sharing @b @niquecoryell .

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