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Content should be used to alleviate constraints on growth. That means that content marketers need a keen understanding of the business’ pain points long before doing keyword research or putting together an editorial calendar. Content marketing works best when applied strategically.

  • PG

    Paige Gerber

    10 months ago #

    Being able to customize your content in order to target audiences at varying stages of the buyer journey is key. Awareness is one thing, but we should never be creating content just for the sake of creating it. We should always have our customers (and prospective customers) in mind. Thanks for sharing this! :)

  • KH

    Katie Hanna

    10 months ago #

    Such good points! Not only should we be targeting posts but if we're targeting and strategizing them based on pain points then we kill two birds with one stone, actually three birds when you consider the fact that you need content to be an entity in the first place! Great post!

  • DY

    Dean Yeong

    10 months ago #

    A great look at how to approach content marketing in the customer journey! Thanks.

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