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Brand mascots are pretty much everywhere. You meet them when you’re picking up your groceries, you look at them whenever you need a new pack of batteries. They are at your dentist’s, at your baker’s, even at your favorite car service. They dance on the stadiums and show up during events.

Why are B2C companies crazy about mascots? Because they really work. It’s hard to deny the fact that it’s easier to stay at the top of your prospects’ minds when you have a bright and flashy character to represent you.

However, what about B2B companies? Would a brand mascot improve your marketing efforts or do the opposite? How does a B2B audience perceive mascots?

Many people involved in B2B say that they don’t use mascots because they would either do more harm than good. Why does this happen? Well, let’s go ahead and see what makes B2C mascots stand out and how it can be applied to B2B!