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You receive an email that has your name in it from someone you’ve never met before. In fact, you can’t really remember how you got on their email list in the first place. But, thus far, you’ve been too busy to unsubscribe. How does it feel to see your name? Do you think to yourself, Wow! They’re really talking to me! I can’t believe it!? Probably not. Why? Because anyone with half a brain knows that their name in a marketing email is nothing more than merge tags. We’re all used to marketing tactics and can sniff a seller from miles away. This means traditional personalization — the copy on a button, including the prospects name in an email, and putting “Re:” and “Fwd:” in the subject line — is losing its traction But that’s not all. It’s actually harming your cold emails, too. Think about it. When you receive an email with one of the personalization tell-tale signs, you immediately know that someone is trying to sell you something. And that alert kills digital relationships with prospects and hurts your email list engagement. But what’s the alternative? Exactly what you’re thinking. The death of personalization. Here’s why un-, im-, and de-personalizing your emails will actually give you a greater impact and how you can do it. Check out the approach and let us know your thoughts!

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