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With around 2 million apps (and counting) on the App Store, it’s getting harder and harder to make your app visible to the audience.

Apple Search Ads comes as an effective way to reach out to potential users: your ad is shown to them right above search results on the App Store when they are already highly interested in getting an app.

Meanwhile, the channel is less competitive than Facebook and Google Ads – it is adopted by fewer than 20% of iOS apps publishers.

If you’re among the 80% but thinking of trying Apple Search Ads, we’ve gathered all the info you may need for a successful start:

✔️ Apple Search Ads use cases

✔️ Its pricing model

✔️ Keywords and match types

✔️ Apple Search Ads Basic vs Advanced,

… and more.

💬 Hope you’ll find this helpful. And if there are any questions, I’ll be glad to answer them in the comments.