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Developers spend painstaking hours and thousands of dollars trying to make sure their app gets noticed. If they’re lucky, their app is a hit and succeeds in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. Often, apps sit in the app stores for days, months or even years going unnoticed.

With millions of apps available in both app stores, every app has stiff competition. Some app developers accept the fact that their app might not get noticed right away while others are hell-bent on getting their app downloaded.

Thankfully, there’s a process called App Store Optimization (ASO), where developers can fine-tune their app listings to rank for relevant keywords and find the right audience.

App Store Optimization requires a deeper understanding of the app ecosystem, taking into account trends, user behavior and other small nuances that aren’t explicitly black and white. Without understanding all the different aspects of ASO, developers can risk burying their app from their audience with an ineffective strategy.

This blog post breaks it all down!