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AnnounceKit has made it simple for us at LambdaTest to keep our customers informed about new features, bug fixes, and announcements through changelogs and in-app notifications. It has been a pivotal part of our feedback gathering process as well.

Being a product-first company, onboarding new features, browsers, and operating systems is part of our weekly routine. Even amid the global pandemic, we are fully functional and work tirelessly to bring new product updates to our power users.

We launched the first version of LambdaTest out of beta testing in early 2018 with only a handful of features to help the testing community perform live-interactive browser testing. Week after week, we kept adding more features to our platform, and in just one year, we introduced a cloud Selenium Grid to help our users automate their browser testing efforts.

The majority of our features and innovations were based on valuable feedback from our customers. Each feature was solving a unique problem and presented a good marketing opportunity.

Initially, we followed the old-school way of writing product update articles and notifying our customers through emails. It worked well until we expanded our go-to-marketing team by multiple folds.

Bigger go-to-market team implied we could press the accelerator harder over our roadmap as we could now develop and ship new features at a much faster pace.

Last month alone we built 30 new features, and this year we have already introduced more than 80 features. Here are some of the key highlights.

lambdatest features

As we scaled our platform at a tremendous pace, we realized a challenge that every product-first SaaS might face.