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Great piece by Andrew Chen, reflecting on the lessons and personal experiments that have helped him to build a career as an investor, entrepreneur and growth leader. Bay Area-centric but the broader takeaways assessing and responding to opportunity can be applied to any place or time.

  • AD

    Alex D

    almost 3 years ago #

    Insightful stuff. Main bit that got me was about networking. I have moved away from home to a new country/city and really wanted to stick to a similar plan. Never got to actually do it, and I highly regret it.

    If you get the chance, follow that plan! Talk to people, network, make friends.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • RK

    Rafal Kochanowicz

    almost 3 years ago #

    It's a numbers game as usual - they have more people trying is a good insight.
    Here's another one - everybody wants to ride a big wave!
    The big question is: will the Uber be that lasting company? I'll tell you this, from "the outside" - it doesn't necessary need to become one. Of course, massive investments as usual help to fight the competition.

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