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Sure I'm partial … but GEEZ, this is hands down one of the most helpful, LEGIT ecomm tool articles I've ever seen.

In-actions screenshots, tons of examples, and tons of REAL numbers.

Yep, all that covering:

  1. Yotpo
  2. Bounce Exchange
  3. Talkable
  4. Fomo
  5. Foursixty
  6. Refersion
  7. Nosto
  8. InstantSearch+

From the intro … "For a pair of merchants this successful to peel back the curtain and show others exactly how they created a business of this magnitude before the age of thirty is rare. In fact, some top-performing ecommerce merchants do all they can to keep secret the tools they use to power their businesses."

"This piece breaks one of the unspoken rules the ultra-successful often abide by and lets you in on part of the secret to success."

Got any tools to add?

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