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Account-based marketing is one of the hottest trends in sales & marketing right now. If your business targets high-value customers, casting a wide net via traditional marketing will get lost in the noise. ABM is the targeted, personalized marketing approach you need to be taking. In this piece from the Web Profits blog, we share the cheat sheet for bringing in the best leads with ABM, including how to: - Prospect first on LinkedIn - Create small market lists with Facebook’s custom audiences - Build relationships with creative tactics

  • SP

    Sujan Patel

    12 months ago #

    Great piece, love how in-depth it gets on targeting audiences and individuals.

  • DC

    David Campbell

    12 months ago #

    Brad always knows what he's talking about - love this cheat sheet!

  • JM

    John Martin

    10 months ago #

    Was a good article about ABM. Gives you a complete idea about what can be beneficial and how you can utilize ABM completely for your business.

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