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In the last four years, SalesFolk CEO Heather R Morgan has helped over 550 B2B companies improve their sales and marketing emails. They’ve done this for companies like Verifi, Brainshark, Square, and even the 140 year old Dutch revolving door company, Boon Edam. Heather is also a columnist for Inc magazine, Forbes, and has appeared on channels such as NBC as an email expert.

In other words, Heather knows how to write compelling emails.

After composing well over 10,000 cold emails, she’s built deep experience on which strategies make outbound emails resonate with their recipients. When we asked her to discuss some of the most successful strategies she uses when working with sales teams, personalization at scale took center stage.

Heather sat down with us and showed us, in tactical detail, her most effective strategies for personalizing cold emails, including how to implement personalization at scale in larger outbound email campaigns, so you can send emails that touch highly specific pain points instead of boring generic ones.

  • SC

    Sandy Cao

    over 2 years ago #

    Well done on this piece! Outreach emails are some of my biggest time-sucks. Knowing scaling strategies that don't come across as spammy is worth its weight in gold.

    Thanks for sharing :)

  • SB

    Siddharth Bharath

    over 2 years ago #

    Love this. It's crazy how so many entrepreneurs and companies are just plain bad at cold email.

    • BH

      Benji Hyam

      over 2 years ago #

      Yep. Me! Cold emailing was a big part of our early acquisition strategy for Wordable, and this article points out pretty much everything I was doing wrong. Haha.

      Thought it'd help a lot of people avoid my same mistakes as cold emailing is usually a part of every startups marketing and sales activities early on.