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CBD products have boomed in popularity amongst individuals who want natural supplements to aid them in everything from sleep disorders to anxiety, digestive issues, and even chronic pain. Even though so many people swear by CBD’s benefits, the legality regarding it has been a bumpy road.

As a business that sells CBD products, you already know that for a long time, hemp was completely illegal in the United States for the simple reason that all types of cannabis plants were considered controlled substances. Safe to say the government didn’t do a lot of research before passing this bill.

Once scientists became more interested in hemp and CBD, we learned that CBD doesn’t have the same psychoactive effects as THC, which means it didn’t really make sense that it was considered a controlled substance.

  • DL

    Daniel Lee

    10 months ago #

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  • DC

    Den Chernenko

    10 months ago #


  • CJ

    Charlie Jones

    12 days ago #

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