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There's only one tool that allows AdRoll's growth team to message their users inside of their product with modals. Learn what it is and how they use it.

  • PC

    plc clark

    over 3 years ago #

    i cant decide if i like appcues or this article more!

    • BC

      Brian Carl

      over 3 years ago #

      Hi Peter, this is a great article. Thanks for sharing your teams growth story with appcues!

      Is there any way you expand on this part:
      "Engineers generally add greater value by improving features and products that are core to their user experience than they by implementing growth experiments that are often unsuccessful."

      Whenever I'm launching growth tests, I try to find a way to do it without an engineer, but I've also seen some of the biggest wins (and largest learnings) come from tests that needed an engineer.

      I'm really interested to hear your thoughts here. Thanks again!

  • TM

    Ty Magnin

    over 3 years ago #

    Thanks for all of your help in telling this story peter!

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