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As we move into 2018, here are eighteen eCommerce trends to keep tabs on in 2018 and beyond:

  1. Retail Will Either Evolve Or Continue To Die Consumers Will Drive Retail Innovation
  2. Chatbots Will Become A Standard Part of The eCommerce Toolkit
  3. Manufacturers Will Engage Directly With Consumers
  4. Smart Home Assistants & Voice Recognition Systems Will Emerge As A New eCommerce Battleground
  5. SaaS eCommerce Platforms Will Continue Being First Choice Growth-Conscious Brands
  6. Machine Learning and AI-Assisted eCommerce Will Smooth Out Sales Funnels
  7. Analytics Platforms Will Continue To Evolve
  8. Amazon Business Will Keep Winning
  9. B2B eCommerce Growth Will Accelerate
  10. Death of the Middleman
  11. Mobile Payments Will Increase
  12. Expect Even More Subscription Boxes
  13. Brands Will Unite To Create Larger Marketplaces
  14. Influencer Marketing Will Keep Driving Sales
  15. Greater Adoption of Digital-First Expansion Strategies
  16. Fulfillment Comes To The Share Economy
  17. Blockchain-Enabled eCommerce Will Become A Thing
  • SC

    Sarah Calpy

    11 months ago #

    There's another trend that I hope will have a big year: Drone delivery. I believe companies like Canva have implemented this technology for their "rush delivery" option.

    • ED

      Edward Dennis

      11 months ago #

      Have you seen their video promoting the drone delivery? It was pretty amazing. Wanted to try it just to see if a drone actually delivers it.

  • MP

    Maunu Pokka

    11 months ago #

    If a shared fulfillment service actually happens, that'll be HUGE! Can someone create this already? Unless it's already out there and I'm not aware of it...

  • BS

    Benjamin Savodi

    11 months ago #

    I have yet to see a decentralize marketplace that really took off even though the platform (like OpenBazaar) is already there.

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