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Throughout my roles in marketing and growth, one thing has remained constant. Whether working as a generalist or a specialist, it’s much easier to grow in a career with the help of those that have done it, and it’s much more frustrating without that help.

When the founder of Growth Mentor, Foti, reached out to me in September about being a mentor on the platform, I thought of myself in past positions and quickly realized how impactful this platform could be.

Why I believe in Growth Mentor
While I was managing the Marketo instance at Payoff, I constantly second guessed my work. Just one minor configuration misstep in the automation for a loan product, and I could be paralyzing a customer’s opportunity to a personal loan to pay off their credit card debt and reach their own financial freedom. As the specialist of a complex system like Marketo, I yearned to have a mentor that understood Marketo to turn to when I needed a second set of eyes on my work.

As I managed growth at GrowthHackers, I played more of a generalist role and went deep in an expertise when necessary. While our community was a great place to learn, I always learned more when I had an opportunity to talk to an expert and let them guide me down a catered path of learning. However, finding the right person to talk to and getting time on their calendar was not always easy or efficient.

Marketing and growth are only becoming more difficult with the increasing pace of change in today’s world. I believe Growth Mentor is something that can bring people together and use our collective brainpower to fuel the next generation of growth experts and companies.

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    Dani Hart

    about 1 year ago #

    I hear there are some past #ghconf speakers that are going to join as mentors soon. :D