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For B2B SaaS companies, conventional wisdom says that Facebook advertising is not a viable customer acquisition channel. This probably has to do with the misconception that people on Facebook are either not business users or not in a “business” mindset when using Facebook. But the data contradicts that intuition. Facebook has 2 billion users who spend 50 minutes using FB per day. Over a fourth of the world surely includes many business users, and it’s unlikely those users are not in a business mindset since the average Facebook user spends so much of their day logged on. And in addition to macro-level data, our own experience managing Facebook advertising for several B2B SaaS companies indicates that driving results with Facebook advertising is very much possible. But the long sales cycle and complexity of the customer journey for most B2B companies makes it very important to have a strategy going in. To that end, we wanted to share our guide to Facebook advertising for B2B SaaS companies.

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