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In December of 2017, my team and I decided to take a slightly different approach to our content marketing efforts.

We were already driving a considerable amount of traffic from organic search because of our content, but we wanted to scale up the number of visitors while also improving conversion rates from our blog.

So we started working on taking a more formulaic approach to creating "engaging content".

Since Google places a lot of importance on user experience, we figured we could take the same approach to improving retention via product marketing, and use it to improve our rankings.

In roughly 6 months, we have more than TRIPLED our blog traffic. This article provides an overview of which metrics we tracked and how to impact them.

  • NK

    Nadya Khoja

    over 1 year ago #

    Of all the pictures that could be grabbed as the background for this post...this was what the result was...

  • CZ

    Chintan Zalani

    over 1 year ago #

    Great stuff Nadya. When you say infographics help in increasing a page on-page engagement, then are these specific types of infographics specifically created for the article?