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Recently we hosted a webinar for B2B SaaS companies about how to crisis-proof your business during this COVID-19 outbreak and market downturn. We were joined by 30 SaaS leaders in our network and to kick things off we asked them what the hardest part about this crisis has been for them.

In summary, here’s what they had to say:

- Their customers and prospects are being rattled by a sudden change and they’re trying to figure out next steps.
- Some customers are panicking and asking to put their accounts on hold, while others are requesting downgrades or churning.
- They’re seeing abrupt decreases in incoming traffic, and changes in the order of size and payment terms.
- They know they need to be responding appropriately in this time with their marketing, but they aren’t sure what specifically they should do.

In this article, we’re going to summarize a range of topics that we covered in our webinar. This includes our observations in the market from a marketing, sales, and operational perspective — an extensive list of actionable steps you can take in the next 16 weeks, and the things we’ve immediately started implementing and discussing with our clients.