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Your customers today have heightened expectations for customer support. More than ever, customer support directly impacts loyalty and dictates where people spend their money.

Consider this: 59% of consumers have higher expectations for customer service than they did just a 1 year ago and 61% have switched brands due to poor customer service.
Customer service is now a way to differentiate.

Retailers must think about meeting customer demands for personal, immediate and convenient customer service to increase CSAT.

To build brand love through customer support, the team at Netomi suggests you focus on these core areas:

- Decrease First Response Time
- Reduce Average Handle Rate
- Be Available Cross-channels
- Provide Fast, Free Shipping
- Ensure Virtual Agents Understand Customers
- Offer Seamless Returns
- Get Out In Front Of Issues
- Offer A Human "Out"
- Check In

Get full details from their latest blog post at the link below.

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