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Forward-looking businesses are using social logins as a method to help increase conversions, improve user engagement and user experience, and gather more accurate data about users.

If you're using social logins - or plan to use them - here are nine things you should consider:

  1. 86% of Users Report Being Bothered By Having To Create New Accounts On Websites

  2. 77% of Users Believe Social Login Is A Good Registration Solution…

  3. 92% of Users Will Leave A Site Instead Of Resetting or Recovering Login Info

  4. 88% of Users Admit to Entering Incomplete or Incorrect Data on Registration Forms

  5. 100% of The Blue Research Poll Participants Reported Receiving Irrelevant Information & Promotions

  6. 78% of People Say They’ll Post Messages to Their Social Network About Products & Services They Like

  7. Better Data Means (Potentially) Better Marketing Decisions

  8. 82% Of Users Said They’d Consider Trying A New Product If Someone In Their Social Network Recommended It.

  9. The Next Generation Of Social Engagement

  • BR

    bastien rabaute

    almost 6 years ago #

    Thanks for sharing this data. Figures are really impressive. I didn't think it could be so high.

    Plenty of business markets could wisely add a social login to ease sign up. But I think it's important to provide a classic sign up form for people who don't want to sign up with a social login.

    It's also important to focus on one or two social login. You can confuse the visitor with 8 different ways to sign up. If you run a twitter based app, Twitter login seems good but maybe not Pinterest. For an ecommerce, maybe Pinterest will be better than Twitter.

    And as @Everette said, test is king !

  • ET

    Everette Taylor

    almost 6 years ago #

    @Sean talks about this all the time with CRO, and that is reducing Frustration/Friction.

    This post is pretty timely though and social logins are pretty important according to your individual site and what you're trying to accomplish but I don't think its necessarily the best option for everyone. All these numbers are great but test it, see if it works for you, and go from there. Great article by Conversion XL as always though.

  • SL

    Samantha Lewe

    almost 6 years ago #

    Agreed great articulation of all the data behind the barriers and what's wrong, but doesn't show anything that proves that social login is the right solution. Language used is "seems like" and "believe social login is good"

    "Of course, I’m a total social login fan, but at least offering your users a choice between filling out a registration form and signing up using their social account IDs seems like straightforward business sense."

    "Users Believe Social Login Is A Good Registration Solution"

    • TW

      Tommy Walker

      almost 6 years ago #

      This was a tricky one in terms of publication, because I didn't want - and told the author not to - create a one sided argument.

      Social login can be good but it very much depends on your market. Normally I'm all about using specific case studies, but in this case, there would be just as many for as there were against.

      Ultimately, I wanted to leave it up to the reader to decide whether the data gave them enough to decide if it was worth testing.

  • AC

    Adam Charles

    over 5 years ago #

    Really interesting stats. Thanks