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What we know now is that the ‘E’ in E-commerce doesn’t stand for ‘Easy’. -John

73% of U.S. consumers say that customer experience is a very important factor in their purchasing decision, so much so that even if they love a company or product, 59% will still walk away after several bad experiences and 17% will walk away after just one bad experience. (PwC)

From the stats, it is clear that customer experience is the biggest factor in buying decision & for retaining existing customers from the company's perspective.

There are several strategies out there for reducing churn rate & enhance engagement among existing clients in order to generate more revenue.

For greater customer experience, it is a necessity to provide real-time support via live chat software & listen to their queries on all channels.

Apart from that, Remarketing from Google ads can be one unique solution if you are PRO 😎 in PPC (Pay Per Click) Marketing!!

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