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Eight years ago, Jonathan Shokrian found himself running around a department store.

What was supposed to be a quick trip to buy affordable and comfortable underwear, turned into a long and frustrating experience—but it sparked an idea:

He would launch a direct-to-consumer underwear brand.

Today, that brand is MeUndies: one of the fastest-growing online apparel retailers. Promising, “The World’s Most Comfortable Underwear,” MeUndies has grown 1,583% in the last three years, alone, with an estimated annual revenue of $60M. (Sources here, here and here.)

We recently spent a month reverse-engineering MeUndies’s marketing strategy, and discovered 9 actionable strategies that you can use to get more traffic and higher conversions for your online store…

…even if you don’t have much traffic (or a big marketing budget).

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