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When one thinks about video marketing strategy, they assume it’s just a small part of marketing and not that important as compared to other marketing strategies.

While the idea of video marketing isn’t new, it has now become much more important as compared to 10 years ago.

It is no longer just one piece of your overall marketing plan, it has now become key to a much larger outreach and central to your overall marketing initiatives.

In the past decade alone, video marketing has one way of the other entered every platform and channel, especially a marketer’s social marketing strategy.

The biggest reason for video marketing influence is that there are screens everywhere, be it in your pocket with a smartphone, on your car dashboard, or even on your bed with TVs, Laptops, or tablets. Even your watch has now become “smart” and with a digital screen.

You cannot avoid video or digital platforms and thus from a marketing perspective, videos have quickly become people’s number one way to connect.