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What are the marketing trends you're keeping on eye on this year?

Based on research, reader feedback, and input from some of the leading experts in our field (like Larry Kim, Aaron Orendorff, and Taylor Loren)...

Here are WiderFunnel's top 9 marketing trends to watch in 2018 >>

  • GS

    Gaurav Sharma

    about 3 years ago #

    I agree there has been a shift from “CRO” to organizational experimentation. While the ultimate goal is to achieve as much conversion as possible, but the best way to sell is to keep a focus on the consumer experience. In fact, some people say the best way to sell things is not to sell them.

    The key is to find the customer's pain zone and then force them to order by providing them with the right solution. E-Business begins to engage with customers and end their satisfaction with the trend that will remain in the coming years.

    Once you are able to implement both of these factors, the transformation is performed automatically.

    Thanks for sharing it away Natasha :) jotted down a few things that I can implement in 2018.

  • TW

    Tom Whatley

    about 3 years ago #

    "The shift from “CRO” to organizational experimentation"

    ^^^ Amen. Marketers needed to stop using CRO as a bag of tricks a long time ago. Very glad to see this listed as a trend (as I'm sure Peep Laja would agree)!

  • NM

    Niel Malhotra

    about 3 years ago #

    I'm curious about the about #7. The shift to conversational marketing. This seems like one place where startups and small companies have an advantage. We all know about chatbots and email sequences and automated whatever.

    What that means is that there's an opportunity for new businesses to have the CEO respond to every follower, subscriber, or audience member. It's time intensive, but that's the point. Amazon can't do that. Your startup can.

  • DL

    Dean Levitt

    about 3 years ago #

    We've seen a lot of "marketing trend lists" for 2018, but we're a big fan of yours! Thanks for the great content. We look forward to future posts from you.