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Here's the thing about design: it's either good or it's meh. Basically, it either captures your audience's attention or it fails to hold it longer than a fleeting glimpse. As a marketer, however, you'll come across several instances when you need to create designs.

  • FV

    Fabrizio Van Marciano

    5 months ago #

    Great post. I remember when flat design images and graphics were all the rage. I never really found a happy medium with them myself, to be honest. As far as web graphics go today, my thoughts are that it should be minimal and consistent with a brand's identity. Great work with the post :)

  • EJ

    Elena john

    about 1 month ago #

    Technological advancements haven't created retailers' lives easier before. It's never been easier to open a web store or sell through a number of well-established marketplaces. However, in distinction to the current simplicity, it brings on a complexity: nice competition among retailers. Therefore staying before this nice competition depends on many completely different parts and if you are not savvy to avoid a number of the mistakes, your business may likewise be set to failure.
    The transition from offline to on-line looking at the time was an occasion by itself, however, the e-commerce didn’t stop there. Since its introduction within the Nineties, it looks that the e-commerce business hasn't stopped evolving. Therefore, the business has versed some vast transformations and as a result, the net became the place to be. Recent e-commerce business analysis reveals that evolving technologies and client expectations can result in new changes during this space.

    One of the common mistakes in creating a website is to launch and consider its done which results in no gain in traffic and some time google doesn't index the website. Here are some following mistakes which creating a website with a purely Seo mind is the biggest mistake that ends up with a lot of content on a website.h you should keep in mind while designing a site.
    Slow Paging Speed
    In an eCommerce website, every second matters a lot. Slow Paging speed doesn't attract your audience and it will immediately leave your page. Your maximum speed loading time should be 2 secs note more than that.
    Poor Navigation
    Sadly but most commonly website doesn't pay attention to their Navigation which results in losing their customer, It also doesn't help you gaining customer but it easily accessible the required information which your customer looking for
    Too much text

    Visuals that are not impulsive
    In online selling store images are much important, putting small and pixelated images will hardly appeal to the audience. Images from your store and features attract the customer.
    Lack of Seo Optimization of Visual Content
    If you run an image-based website having it's visually optimized with SEO is must putting some description of an image that will make a difference.
    Complicated Checkout
    Complicated checkouts are the most common mistakes in websites which frustrate your customer and try to make a quick as easy as a possible way to check out your customer. Try to make one form that includes all information in a single form.
    Lack of Payment Method
    Including all payment methods must be included in your website putting only one mode of a payment method will hardly increase your sales.
    Lack of Shipping Details
    Not putting a shipping Details on your visible page will also hinder any site growing business.
    No About and Contact us Page
    Inadequate information in the “about us” and contact details on the e-commerce site. It builds trust between a customer and a seller.
    Hoping that all the mistakes should be kept in mind while making a website in the future.