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Fantastic list of full-arensal productivity tools from Matthew Toren including workflow, project management, keyword research, social media, and even stress reduction!

  • PV

    Philip Verghese Ariel

    over 3 years ago #

    Hi Aaron,
    This is indeed a wonderful share.
    The tools in our online activities can helps us to go in a higher speed.
    There of course everyday some kind of tools are coming up from different quarters.
    But many, though, they claim a wonderful user friendly offer but many a times its not so.
    Thanks for sharing about these amazing tools, except one or two most others are unknown to me, and will surely check out the rest.
    May you have a great weekend
    ~ Philip

  • LS

    Lisa Sicard

    over 3 years ago #

    Hi Aaron. Having the right tools is key to being productive and getting MORE things done faster. I will check out Clear Voice - I sure could use help getting more content out there.

    I have used SpyFu and IFTTT but not IFTTT to it's full potential. There are so many possibilities with IFTTT it is endless.

    Calm is another one I would really love to check out. Staying calm when things get tough or tense is key to staying in business I believe.

  • JM

    James McAllister

    over 3 years ago #

    Most of my business is done B2C so I haven't had the need to really focus a whole lot on it yet, but I've been looking into Infusionsoft's CRM for a while now. I'm using Insightly which does have plenty of features but it's missing out on a lot of the things Infusionsoft does well. I think as the company grows and we look more into working with other businesses (we sell consumer products) it'll become more important.

    Like others I've been using IFTTT for a while now but I know i can be getting more out of it.

  • AC

    Aparna Challu

    over 3 years ago #

    Quite right. I'm in the queue right behind you!

  • BP

    Brenda Pace

    over 3 years ago #

    It's like Christmas online with more fabulous tools to help streamline our businesses and efforts! Many people today are juggling multiple jobs, family priorities, and blogging. Finding the right tools to help us ease our workload yet maximize our business potential is something I strive for. I have used IFTTT before but I really haven't analyzed it enough. Infusionsoft is highly recommended among my VA friends. I just haven't taken the leap yet. There are a few others on this list that I'd like to investigate for myself and see if they can help me achieve the success I'm seeking. Thanks for sharing these with us!

  • RC

    Ravi Chahar

    over 3 years ago #

    In the world of online business, people need the tools instead of working hard.
    Smart tricks always work better. The list contains some great tools.
    I am sure, people would love to know more.

  • RB

    Ryan Biddulph

    over 3 years ago #

    ClearVoice is really sweet Aaron; like a dynamic freelance writing space for entrepreneurs who need a team in place to churn out content. I'll keep in mind if I ever start a second blog where I'm not doing all the writing ;) Cool too how writers are vetted; this helps both parties avoid the tension of endless edits, etc.

  • AY

    Alex Yong

    over 3 years ago #

    Thanks, I've never heard of "Genius Scan" til now

  • LR

    Lorraine Reguly

    over 3 years ago #

    Hey, Aaron, this is a neat list. It's so diverse.

    I have not used Calm, but I do like listening to calming music when I am working (depending on what I am doing).

    I'm off to check it out!

    Thanks for sharing these cool tools!

  • JH

    Joy Healey

    over 3 years ago #

    Thanks for sharing such a varied list Aaron,

    I've tried Fiverr for writers before (and other sources / tasks) and had mixed results. While some were great, some were dreadful - so ClearVoice - as a source of vetted freelancers - is really just what busy solopreneurs need.

    You touched another raw nerve with Genius Scan. I really hate messing about with the scanner, so off to look at that one too.

    Great share!