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Are you suffering from bad customers who are requesting new features that you don't really want to build?⁣

Or maybe your conversion rate is low? Or perhaps, you're still battling those pesky competitors?⁣

We both know your product is superior. You've researched the market—it solves a REAL problem.⁣

So why are you struggling with these problems?⁣

One word. Positioning.⁣

I wrote this article that shows you 8 RED FLAGS that point to bad positioning, why other solutions won't work and how you can actually design your website to solve those problems!⁣

  • JP

    Jessica Parker

    6 months ago #

    Loved this post, very insightful and fun to read!

  • AN

    Ashwin Narayan

    6 months ago #

    Great article on how to identify if your positioning is working, liked the process you outlined!

  • DL

    David Leonhardt

    6 months ago #

    Once upon a time, most businesses had limited competition. There might have been thousands of similar companies around the world, but only three selling in your town. Thanks to the Internet, there might be only 100 businesses doing the same thing, but they are all selling in your town. Welcome to the future!

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