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Every day, thousands of marketers spend their time trying to acquire business through a search engine that keeps most of its algorithmic secrets under wraps. It’s natural that this would lead to a huge number of myths around our industry. Sometimes these myths are blatantly false, and other times simply misconstrued or misplaced.

This guide offers a breakdown of why so many SEO myths exist, what some of the most common SEO myths are (and the realities behind them), and how you can actively avoid them in the ever-changing world of SEO.

  • FA

    Farah Al Tarf

    7 months ago #

    Worth Reading (like)

  • TC

    Tad Chef

    7 months ago #

    Yeah, I can't believe how prevalent the "just create great content and they will come" myth still is.

  • AS

    Aaron Starc

    7 months ago #

    Specially the part about blog commenting, as I do some write comments on blogs from which I have gotten some value or really liked their research on the topic. I usually see these kind of comments "Nice post.." and sometimes I see them with naked links. It is just another unsolicited link, why would anyone click on it and open it?