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Engagement on Instagram is like syrup on a pancake, cannot be as good without each other.

Perhaps, social media is born out of engagement, and businesses of all scales are trying to be ahead in this game. With over one billion users per month and 500 million users per day, Instagram is known for rapidly increasing your marketing outcomes in recent times.

Instagram’s engagement has been measured anywhere from four to twelve times that of other social channels. To make the most of it, your business will have to focus on two things: content creation and content analysis. Both these things go hand in hand but talking about the later one, analysis helps in constantly improving the content creation process which is best done with Instagram tools available in the market.

This platform has had drastic changes in a short period of time whereas there are tools available in the market to keep you right at it. There are plenty of Instagram analytics tools that can focus on your areas of improvement as well as progress and if necessary, you can go with a combination of paid and free Instagram analytics tools from the ones mentioned below.

Best Instagram Analytics Tools For Marketers Like You

  • SocialPilot for analyzing all your connected Instagram business accounts and providing you with in-depth analytics-reports.
  • Sprout Social for Instagram analytics and publishing features, as well as supporting engagement through real-time monitoring.
  • Union Metrics for a detailed analysis report of Instagram as well as for multiple channels.
  • Iconosquare for Instagram analysis related to engagement, impressions, post reach, and even how your Instagram stories are performing.
  • Squarelovin for Instagram insights and for most of the information you'd need to conduct an analysis of your progress.
  • Keyhole for real-time hashtag tracking on Instagram with a list of additional analytics data such as the top posts containing your hashtag and much more.
  • Socialbakers for not only viewing Instagram analytics such as reach, impressions but also top posts, most used hashtags, and tagged accounts.
  • SocialRank to track and categorize your Instagram followers.
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