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Why is cart abandonment over 69%?

Where does its detrimental effect hit the hardest?

What can retailers do to reverse this COSTLY trend when it comes to their own businesses?

We’ll cover all that, and more, in this deep dive into 70+ shopping cart abandonment statistics you gotta know—and how you can turn them into opportunities.

  • TE

    Tina Eaton

    9 months ago #

    Even as a serial cart abandoner myself I was still shocked at some of these stats! I mean, it could reach *90 percent*?! Also found it interesting how abandonment goes up and down super non-linearly as products increase in price. Great insight for retailers looking to bring their abandonment down.

  • PP

    Paul Perry

    9 months ago #

    Constantly abandoning carts -- guilty as charged. Cool to read about these strategies to avoid people like me!