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It’s no secret that customer retention is more vital to subscription-based businesses than just about any growth metric. If your customer turnover is high, your acquisition rate has to outpace the churn just to break even. You’re on a treadmill, not a track.

And what’s worse, the more you grow, the harder it is to outpace a high churn rate. As your acquisition grows, so does the number of people that churn.

That treadmill just moves faster and faster.

This is why getting a handle on customer churn as you scale is vital to any sort of stable, meaningful growth.

Here are 7 proven methods for preventing customer turnover before it’s too late.

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    Dhruv Mehta

    6 months ago #

    For preventing churn, it's necessary to solve the user's query with prompt & quick response. Whenever user stuck at site navigation or couldn't be able to find product, there are chances of turnover. But imagine, if live chat option is there!! He can directly interact via live chat tab & 💥. The query has been solved!!

    Live chat software from https://acquire.io/ can be the ultimate boon for your customer support team.

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