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The word ‘hyperlocal’ is increasingly becoming popular and several hyperlocal startups based on food, groceries and other services are gradually popping up around us. Clearly, there must be something to this word. Let us enlighten you.

The term ‘hyperlocal’ in layman’s language, pertains to or is focused on matters concerning a small community or geographical area.

Several businesses advertise on a city or an area-wide basis, but it isn’t local enough for many advertisers these days. Some of them try to find customers only a few feet, blocks and streets away.

This is not to imply that they are short-sighted where their business is concerned or are sabotaging their business by focusing too narrowly – they are in fact smart as they are targeting customers in their natural habitats, viz, at work, at home, local nearby stores, etc.

So, in this article we will tell you all about hyperlocal marketing, how and why is it so effective, how brands can implement it and which brands are killing at it.