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In this guest post by David Campbell, we'll look at the hurdles when starting an ecommerce business and how to deal with them.

  • DH

    Danny Halarewich

    over 4 years ago #

    Great post @koschti! Definitely a lot of hurdles to scaling an eCommerce business. To add to your section on SEO, marketing in general is often a challenge for many eCommerce brands. Some of those challenges are figuring out the right mix between paid and organic, which channels to experiment with, what kind of promotions to run and how often, how to use influencers, and more.

    Another topic that comes up for eCommerce brands is design. If you want to scale growth and establish a brand to create a following, picking a cookie cutter theme off the shelf isn't the best choice. The other choice is working with a web agency or freelancer, and that comes with its own challenges as well.

    Like any startup, the reality is that eCommerce businesses are tough, but there's a lot of great information out there from companies like Paymill and LemonStand to help people :)

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