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Commitment to making the environment greener has never been more prominent.

Global consumers are rising to the challenge of making intelligent purchasing decisions, and big corporations aren’t sleeping on the need to change the way they operate.

First of all, Happy Earth Day, everyone!

One thing is apparent more than ever - businesses are going green, and eco-friendly marketing is coming along for the ride.

What was first deemed a trend is now considered a stand-alone movement - or, instead, a must-have practice - that is only starting to gain traction.

With 57% of customers expressing their willingness to start shopping more mindfully to help reduce their carbon footprint, companies sense the urgency to start catching up.

Here’s the burning question - are businesses able to make this transition if they aren’t necessarily selling sustainable products or offering eco-services? The answer is yes. They can.

The easiest way to join those who’re already offsetting their emissions is to dab into green marketing.