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How can you make sure that your followers are reading your tweets? How can you increase the chances of retweets on each post? How can you create content that stirs up conversation on Twitter? And how can you consistently deliver value and watch your followers grow? The first thing you need to understand is actually quite simple… Twitter users are people too. They’re real people who like to have real conversations with other people. The goal isn’t just a massive amount of followers — The goal is a massive amount of engaged followers. You want as many people as possible who all can’t wait to share whatever content you’re tweeting out. So how do actually pull that off? Start with these six pro tips on how you can keep your twitter followers engaged, backed by research and a ton of trial and error. Great post from Josh Gallant on the GetCrate.co blog:

  • MS

    Mark Steve

    11 months ago #

    Wonderful way to increase twitter follower on website. Great researched based article.

    • JG

      Josh Gallant

      11 months ago #

      Hey Mark, glad you liked it! Just trying to make sure everyone's maximizing their Twitter potential. It's a channel that can work wonders for you if you can crack the code.

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