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We hear it all the time that you need to get feedback from your customers. Yes. But how? How do you get them? The value your company places on customer feedback is what will separate you from a good or great company. “Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions” – Ken Blanchard But feedback is only effective when you are able to get it right. In other words, feedback is helpful when you manage to get it from the right person, in a timely manner and format. Building a successful voice of the customer (VoC) program requires patience and commitment. Knowing how to unlock and read the signs of user inputs is what sets apart a surviving from a thriving company. Having such an organized program in place will ensure that your team gets the right amount of feedback, but also the true benefits of those responses. It will lead your team to define the customer experience your customers want. Yes, turns out those customer insights are effective. Read below the 6 tips, with a creative method in bonus!

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