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A look at 6 areas where Basecamp is getting it so right with their website marketing. And a few observations on areas they could perhaps develop further.

Points covered include:

1. The difference between naming your business and your domain.
2. Using illustrations to communicate serious messages casually.
3. Why you need to get your customers to blow your trumpet.
4. The importance of clearing the path to action for your customer.
5. Why origin stories need to be about creating trust.
6. Why case studies need to tell human stories too.

  • MB

    Michelle Bondesio

    about 5 years ago #

    I can particularly relate the point @turnaroundmag raises about making it easy for customers to take action on your website by removing money (or other obstacles) from the equation.

    Any points you'd like to make about Basecamp's marketing approach and what you may have learned from them?

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