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Content is at the core of marketing. Whether it is a landing page, an email, or a Facebook post, everything we share with customers or prospects is based on content. While your company has one identity, your customers are not all alike. For your content to succeed, you must get to know your customers up close so you can personalize the content that you serve to each group of (or even individual) users. Personalized content engages more, and converts more. How can you personalize our content to better engage your users? How can you make sure your content “serves” to each user the parts of the story that are most relevant for him or her? Here are 6 steps to personalizing your content journeys for increased lead generation: 1. Create customer profiles 2. Name each customer profile 3. Collect and analyze tracked data markers to identify visitors to your content. For deeper personalization, Gate content with progressive profiling. 4. Tag each piece of content 5. Using the data you have collected in step 1, serve each profile only the relevant pieces of content, in the order that you pre-determine as a good fit. 6. Target each individual with actionable content according to his customer profile. Read more in the article. Would love to hear your thoughts!

  • JD

    josh dhokerker

    almost 5 years ago #

    Does gating your content actually work? I find it annoying that I need to fill in long forms just to download a white paper.

    • YK

      yael kochman

      almost 5 years ago #

      Hi Josh,

      Yes, it works- when done strategically. Don't gate all of your content but only premium content and make sure that the gated content is the most relevant and insightful content you can publish.

      If you managed to target the right audience not only they will not be annoyed by having to fill out the information to get the content, but they will probably be happy to learn more about your product.

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