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In SEO, there's no shortage of theory and best practices. But experimentation is what really keeps this great industry moving forward. All of today's best practices came as a result of past experiments - both failures and successes. Everything we do in SEO is an opportunity to learn and improve.

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    Nikola Roza

    about 1 year ago #

    "Higher CTRs, engagement rates, and conversion rates lead to more leads and sales. But I believe this data clearly shows proof that improving engagement metrics and conversion rates will also lead to better organic search rankings."

    Engagement metrics as the ranking signal of the future- today.

    Thanks for posting this.

    These SEO tests and conclusions from them put me at ease. It's because I'm always tinkering with my titles and descriptions.

    Is my content actionable enough?
    Readable enough?
    Do my intros pull you in?
    Do my images force you to look first; to read the caption second; to keep reading third?

    Will this comment be read to the end?

    I had pangs of guilt as I thought I was wasting my time. Now I know there's something there.

    And I promise to be ready, come when it may (it's an internal promise)

    Thanks Rini!

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