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Virality is the ultimate goal for developers. Word gets out about a new app, and suddenly it spreads like wildfire.
You don’t always need to spend time or money coordinating launch dates and sending out press releases. Your app should be designed for virality, so you can leave the rest of the work to the best marketers: your users. Publicity from happy customers isn’t just free, it’s 100% authentic. This interaction workflow should be built into the app’s experience itself.

  • SA

    Sabih Ahmed

    almost 5 years ago #

    Another thing that I noticed with quite a few apps that they involve users in too much complexity. Tap here, do this, do that. Being an app user, I prefer to use an app that is simple, easy and sharable.

  • JE

    jonah engler

    almost 5 years ago #

    Not Enough returning user is simply why your app isn't going viral. Secondly it's bad marketing strategy.

  • SN

    Sakthi Nanda

    almost 5 years ago #

    Good work @brittanyberger

  • BP

    Boris Pfeiffer

    over 4 years ago #

    3 reasons your app isn't going viral:
    1) it's not funny. People love to share funny stuff
    2) sharing adds no value to the person who shares. No one shares just because.
    3) the app is not helpful or newsworthy and thus does not add increase the popularity of the person who shares.

  • AR

    Adeel Raza

    over 4 years ago #

    I agree. Churn is usually the biggest culprit.