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The rate of change for ecommerce marketers today is unprecedented.

To keep up, online retailers are always looking for smarter ways to get that next purchase.

And they’re looking at new technologies to transform the customer relationship.

Email marketing has been, and continues to be, an ecommerce workhorse.

In fact, 66 percent of retail marketers say email was the most effective marketing channel for their 2016 holiday shopping season.

Building ecommerce drip campaigns provide a steady, ongoing stream of content for your prospects.

And additional opportunities for would-be shoppers to complete transactions.

By putting yourself in front of customers multiple times, you accomplish two major revenue-generating wins: A considerable boost your brand awareness and countless personalized messages as they progress through and recycle back into your sales funnel.

Looking at the successful strategies below – and stealing them for your own use – can power up your ecommerce drip campaign know-how.

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