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If you’ve ever deleted an email from an unknown vendor without opening it, you’re not alone 💯

Study shows that the average open rate for cold emails sits around 14-23%.

That can be pretty disheartening to the sales team, who have spent a lot of their time researching the prospects they are reaching out to. Or a lot of time crafting a message that will never be read.

However, there are ways to increase the chances that your cold email is not only opened but acted upon!

In general, the study shows that a good goal to aim for when sending out cold emails is a 30% open rate and a 50% email campaign rate (conversion).
But how do you achieve it?

The answer: Use content marketing automation techniques to turn cold outreach into warm prospects as a part of your user acquisition strategy.

Content marketing can help by familiarizing potential clients with your company before you reach out for a meeting.

But, there are a few best practices you need to know to be effective with this strategy.
In this blog, we’ll walk you through our top six guidelines you need to be using to warm up your sales leads.